Building relationships with our local officials throughout our industry is critical while staying grounded in our roots in giving back throughout our community.

Paving The Way For A Better Tomorrow

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we aim to address pressing community needs and contribute to the betterment of society. Whether it's supporting educational programs, environmental initiatives, or organizations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families, we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference.

At Ajax Paving, our Corporate Community Giving Program reflects our core values and our commitment to creating lasting positive change. We strive to be an active and engaged corporate citizen, making a positive impact on the communities where we live and work.

As a group, we are hopeful that through our actions we will be able to realize all of the possibilities for success within our ranks and expand this to include women in our community to  include their untapped potential.

Women Raising The Bar

Our mission is to create an inclusive environment for the women of Ajax, provide support and service within our community, and bring awareness to the career opportunities available to women in the construction industry, with a special focus on the roadway industry. To accomplish our goals, we found it important to educate on the various roles and functions within the construction industry to increase awareness of the various career opportunities available

Anna Thompson
Lakisha Green
Diana Speirs
Donna Weeks
Lawana stanley

Providing Awareness, Education Support and Service

Ajax employs women working in a variety of roles and environments  which include office, field, plants, and trucking. Highlighting the unique variety of positions to fill along with the various experiences and backgrounds that our women bring with them is key to providing support and developing leadership potential both within our ranks and when recruiting potential employees.

We are more than just a paving company. We are here to make the asphalt industry a better place.
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